Nano technology is no longer a futuristic word- it is now revolutionizing the Cleaning industry. In fact it is the 21st century technology par excellence with a whole new world of products that will soon revolutionize the lives of architects, cleaning staff, home owners and building managers.

For many years the talk about nano technology has been highly debatable; however, this has all changed with the advent of nano products and their advantages. Nano products which can be further defined as surface protection products will surely going to revolutionize the way we clean and protect our environment. These treatments have been created in order to satisfy the demand for self cleaning and easy clean surfaces, which possess background bacterio-static effects.

What is Nanotechnology?

The nano technology allows the engineering of nano scale particles and coatings. These can be used in a vast number of applications, from computing, to auto paints, to the creation of drugs such as Herceptin. Central to one of the most effective forms of nano technology is the Sol Gel process. This process, which was established more than 50 years ago, has recently been refined by German research engineers, with the result that they can now consistently manufacture SiO2 i.e. liquid glass. This glass, which is particle free, can be applied to any surface thus creating a nano layer of super-phobic protection which rejects soiling of any form leading to a future of self cleaning bathroom suites.

Not only does this invisible super durable, flexible yet breathable nano coating protect against soiling , abrasion, acids, alkalis, UV rays, solvents and massive temperature fluctuations but it can be laced with anti-bacterial components which remain active for the life of the coating, up to 10 years.

Multiple Usages

Imagine yourself in a washroom in a brand-new apartment and also in the same place after one or two years. A lot has changed and sometimes you feel the time has made them to fade, have many marks, stains and things that you would like to change using a MAGIC Wand.

Not to worry, nano surface coating has arrived and this will help you to get the MAGIC effect. On every possible surface in the wash room. So that you can be what you want to be in a glowing environment.

Nanotechnology is used in almost all glass surfaces for scratch free cleaning and as a protective covering. It also improves the longevity and provides protection from various external elements like harmful UV rays, dust, dirt, debris, moisture, daily wear and tear, and other hazards. In fact it is totally environment friendly. Moreover nano coating keeps stainless steel gleaming and free from fingerprints, scratches and oxidation. Besides, nanotechnology also provides preventive coatings in materials like fiber, metal, ceramics, marble, and wood too.

En fait, une salle de bain est un endroit idéal pour avoir de nombreuses applications, y compris le revêtement qui donnera un effet anti-microbien grâce auquel les boutons de porte deviennent « sans germes ». Ceci est particulièrement nécessaire dans les toilettes publiques des centres commerciaux, des hôtels, etc. où entrent des personnes atteintes de certaines maladies transmissibles.

Easy-to-clean nanotechnology products such as bathroom tiles, scratch-free coatings for wood, plastics, metal among many more are already widely used. Besides, this technology is best used in cleaning shower enclosures. Currently, these enclosures are an integral part of all modern washrooms which provides a separate wet area in the bathroom leaving the rest of it dry. Also, these shower enclosures are made from glass which requires maximal maintenance. The reason for its popularity is, it gives out a sparkling clean look from inside as well as outside. And this is a result of the protective coating that not only improves but also protects the surface of the shower enclosures. Further, the technology makes the enclosures water repellent which help in making them resistant to bacteria, stain, electric, scratch, and heavy impact as well as repellent to oil.

Eco Friendly and Less Harmful.

In conclusion, the treatment of key surfaces with Nano products can lead to major benefits for the hygiene and cleanliness of your home. In addition, these innovations bring environmental and cost savings benefits like:

  • Reduced risk of public cross-infection using best in class hygiene methods
  • Lowering carbon emissions using energy efficient, cost effective products
  • Easy-Clean methodology reducing labor time in excess of 40 per to 60%
  • Removal of aggressive chemicals which serves as an environmental benefit as well as cost reduction strategy
  • Enhanced aesthetic value of your home

Nanolandglobal, 2019